The latest generation of navigation, optics and power equipment

Power Equipment
Specialized equipment
The Medtronic Stealth Station™ ENT Surgical Navigation System allows the surgeon to monitor instrument position in real-time with one-step visualisation of pre- and intra-operative images.

The system's capabilities include:
• flexible hardware features and software functionality;
• wide variety of ENT instruments and accessories for ENT surgeries;
• calibration system;
• import of images from various sources.

The Stealth Station ENT navigational ENT stations offer high precision for endoscopic, endonasal surgery, lateral access manipulations and other operations of varying complexity.
Stealth Station ENT Navigation Station
The motorized OPMI® Sensera™ system is the latest generation operating microscope developed by the German manufacturer Zeiss AG for ear and skull base microsurgery.

Features of the OPMI Sensera optical systems:
• binocular head with quick angle change capability;
• versatile (can be used in any patient position);
• compact size, flexible configuration.

The Carl ZEISS surgical optic system offers powerful optics, easy focus control during the intervention and high manoeuvrability to successfully perform the finest manipulations.
ZEISS OPMI Sensera Operating Microscope for Otolaryngology
NIM-Neuro® 3.0 is a new generation monitoring system that allows continuous monitoring of motor nerve function, significantly reducing the risk of fibre damage during ENT surgery.

Advantages of the innovative NIM neuromonitor:
• the unique ability to operate simultaneously with a bipolar coagulator;
• monitoring on 8 channels;
• direct transmission of signals to the microscope eyepieces;
• high sensitivity (the surgeon registers even a weak EMG response and can rapidly adjust access);
• compact solution for small operating theatres.

Medtronic's NIM-Neuro 3.0 neuromonitor allows for increased efficiency in the operating room for total nerve integrity monitoring.
NIM-Neuro Neuromonitor 3.0
The Medtronic Indigo™ high-speed otology drills are a class of advanced equipment used in complex ear surgeries.

The advantages of the Indigo otology drill:
• compact size and lightweight housing;
• excellent rapid access and improved visibility;
• operation with a wide range of accessories;
• speed up to 60 000 rpm;
• compatible with IPC multidisciplinary console.

The Indigo range of ENT equipment supplied by «SpineMedics» enables you to take the quality and results of ontological surgery to a new level.
The Indigo otology drill
The Visao® Medtronic high-speed otology drills belong to the class of the latest equipment used in otology and neuroscience.

Features of Visao otology drills:
• excellent visibility and rapid accessibility;
• balanced design with integrated cooling;
• speeds of up to 80,000 rpm;
• combination with a wide range of accessories;
• compatibility with the unique StimBurGuard instrument working in conjunction with the NIM neuromonitoring system.

The Visao range of ENT equipment supplied by «SpineMedics» enables the use of the finest curved burs for cochleostomy and infralabyrinth access and takes the efficiency of otology and neuroethology operations to a new level.
Visao high-speed otology drill
Skeeter otologic drill
The Skeeter®Medtronic drill system is a low-speed drill for subtle reconstructive interventions in otology.

Features of the ultra-light Skeeter otoscope headpiece:
• ultra-delicate drill system designed to meet the challenges of ear ossicular reconstruction;
• maximum visualization;
• up to 16000 rpm;
• compatible with IPC, Standalone UI.

The ultra-light Skeeter micro drill, supplied by «SpineMedics», is a proven technology approved by otosurgery worldwide.
Medtronic's latest generation of ENT instruments is a mechanised system combining a Straightshot® M4 micro shaver and an IPC® multidisciplinary power console.

System features:
• operation with a wide range of specialised accessories;
• blades with automatic EM navigation and 360% tip rotation;
• remote irrigation control;
• full integration with Medtronic ENT equipment.

The Straightshot M4 shaver, in tandem with the IPC console, enables you to perform successful simple and complex minimally invasive ENT surgeries with high precision and speed.
ENT shavers
Versatile consumables designed to meet the requirements of operating theatres and intensive care units improve the quality of services and the results of radical treatment methods.

«SpineMedics» supplies a wide range of consumables for medical facilities:
• burs for otodrills;
• drills and blades for shavers;
• consumables for tympanic membrane bypass;
• all types of nasal splints;
• prosthetic bones, etc.
ENT consumables
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