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ZEISS INTRABEAM intraoperative X-ray machine
The ZEISS INTRABEAM® Intraoperative Radiotherapy System is a modern tool for local radiotherapy. The device is equipped to create a focused field and quickly apply high doses of X-rays to the tumour and its bed after resection, without affecting healthy structures.
Localised therapy with Intrabeam technology offers new opportunities for organ-preserving surgical treatment (shorter operative intervention and recovery times, minimised risk of recurrence).

Spectrum of use of the ZEISS INTRABEAM intraoperative X-ray machine:
· Breast cancer;
· brain tumours;
· Non-melanoma skin cancer;
· neoplasms in the gastrointestinal tract;
· metastases in the vertebrae.

The system has been described in dozens of studies by international teams of experts and has a proven efficacy in the field of IORT treatment.
The Stealth Station S8 Surgical Navigation Station is a versatile system with real-time tracking of surgical instruments in combination with preoperative and intraoperative 3D pictures.
The platform allows the surgeon to predict, plan and simulate multiple trajectories through all phases of an intervention, from incision to resection and implant placement.

What the Stealth Station S8 can do:
• connects to fluoroscopes, MRI and CT scanners using StealthMerge software;
• automatically transforms acquired pictures into high-resolution 3D;
• uses two types of navigation (optical and electromagnetic navigation).

The platform provides a comfortable working environment for the surgical team, increases flexibility in decision-making and allows for a minimally traumatic pathway to the deepest reaches of the brain or spinal cord.
Stealth Station S8 Surgical Navigation System
With the introduction of minimally invasive technology into surgical practice, the demands on intraoperative monitoring and imaging have greatly increased. The O-arm mobile platform takes imaging capabilities to a new level, allowing the surgeon full control over the progress and results of surgery.

The capabilities of the O-arm X-ray system:
• high-quality 3D images, multidimensional 2D images;
• full control of the workspace without risk of displacement (the system is motorised);
• high scanning speed;
• minimised exposure through integration with the navigation station;
• higher safety for personnel.

Multiplanar real-time imaging, choice of scan modes, compatibility with navigational equipment and fully automated control - allowing you to focus on the patient and potentially reduce the risk of medical error.

Mobile diagnostic intraoperative X-ray system O-arm
The Roesys X Twin robotic multifunction system is a modern device for diagnostic imaging in 3 positions: sitting, standing and lying down (with the mobile XMobil table).

Benefits of Roesys radiography systems:
• unique floor-standing design with simple room requirements;
• extensive positioning, auto-tracking, coding functionality;
• seamless images of different departments in one study;
• robust detector for low dose imaging.

Radiography with the Roesys X Twin means high diagnostic quality at total patient and user comfort.
Roesys radiography system
In Russia, the use of neurophysiological monitoring is a prerequisite for HTMC surgery.
The ISIS intraoperative neuromonitor is designed to provide comprehensive monitoring for surgical procedures at various levels of complexity. ISIS specialised neurophysiology equipment is:

• timely detection of the structures of the nervous system;
• monitoring the dynamics of their condition during surgery;
• minimising the risk of iatrogenic damage and post-operative complications.

The ISIS neuromonitor is a high-quality device that ensures safety during the intervention and protects the patient from neurological deficits in the early post-operative period.
The ISIS neuromonitor
The standardised Midas Rex® Legend® range of surgical drills is an excellent opportunity to maximize the clinical and economic benefits of introducing new equipment. All elements of the platform are easily adaptable for a wide variety of surgical procedures.

Advantages of Midas Rex/Legend systems:
• one set for all users;
• intuitive 3-step connection system;
• combination with all types of motors;
• shortened maintenance times.

The standardised approach to the organisation of the equipment allows you to optimise the costs of the surgical department by properly reallocating funds.
Midas Rex and Legend surgical drills
GE Healthcare's expert-class digital X-ray image intensifier is positioned as versatile imaging systems that can significantly improve the productivity of operating theatres and take the quality of care to the next level.

General Electric Healthcare's X-ray image intensifier with image processing capabilities is:
• wide range of applications from orthopaedics and gastrointestinal examinations to cardiac surgery and angiography;
• optimal combination of mobility and productivity;
• assistance to surgical personnel in basic and complex operations.

GE Healthcare's X-ray image intensifier with image processing is designed to enhance surgical imaging capabilities. This is equipment that will change the way you think about X-ray image intensifier.
X-ray image intensifier with image processing function General Electric Healthcare
ItalRay X-ray machines are modern Italian complexes for high quality radiography.
Benefits of the Clinomat range of radiology machines:

• convenient modular design;
• automated workstations;
• compact solution with a wide range of functions;
• new generation digital radiography system for detailed imaging in the most complex clinical cases.

X-ray diagnostic equipment The ItalRay Clinomat is an excellent choice as a fixed radiological facility in medical institutions of all levels.
Italray X-ray machines
The ZEISS OPMI range of microscopes from Germany is an example of compact and manoeuvrable operating systems used for the most complex microsurgical operations.

Equipment features:
• user-friendly interface;
• apochromatic optics;
• full HD recording capability and comprehensive video process control.

The OPMI surgical microscopes are a step towards a comprehensive operating room organisation, based on CarlZeiss' global leadership in optical systems.
ZEISS OPMI surgical microscopes
ROWA's storage systems solve the entire range of tasks associated with the smart management of storage and dispensing of medicines.
The benefits of ROWA automated storage systems:

• modular design;
• space optimisation;
• accelerated logistics processes;
• safe storage of stock.

ROWA's medication storage systems offer additional medication management options, allowing staff to focus on patients.
ROWA automated drug storage systems
The Medtronic Covidien ventilator (USA) is a new step towards higher levels of ventilation.
The new timing system is able to adapt independently to the individual patient's condition.

Benefits of Medtronic expert ventilators:
• hundreds of calculation operations at 5 ms intervals;
• wide arsenal of therapy methods, suitable for newborns and adults;
• innovative user interface, easy to set up and operate.

The Medtronic Covidien Intelligent Ventilator System provides a quality level of support in every patient's breathing cycle.
Medtronic Covidien ventilator
DiViSy integrated systems are modern solutions for the processing and reorganization of information used in operating theatres, ICU’s and diagnostic rooms.

DOR Pro system features:
• a single digital format for different types of medical information;
• quality preservation;
• fast retrieval of additional information in real-time (test results, clinical information about a patient, remote consultations with colleagues).

DiViSy DOR Pro is an all-in-one integrated system for improving the productivity of operating theatres (abdominal operation, endoscopy, combined operations, including ultrasound and X-ray navigation).
DiViSy integrated solutions for operating theatres, diagnostic and treatment rooms with telemedicine functions
The use of modern imaging technology is an additional opportunity to perform operations ergonomically for the surgical team and safely for the patient. The use of the endoscope shortens rehabilitation times and reduces the risk of post-operative complications.

Advantages of the RIWO spine and B. Braun:
• high image quality (Full HD) with local focus;
• remote control from the sterile area;
• sterilisation in autoclaves and chemically;
• reinforced lens protection.

Endoscopic trolleys B. Braun and RIWO spine are an essential attribute of modern endoscopic surgery.
B.Braun and RIWO spine endoscopy towers
Faced with today's challenges, the proper organization of sterilization departments is an important element in equipping a healthcare facility. The introduction of Pharmstandard and DGM AND steam sterilisers in CRUs and CSSDs makes it possible to solve the problem of hospital-acquired infection quickly and efficiently.

The advantages of the used sterilisation equipment include:
• the latest models with automatic microprocessor control;
• walk-through chambers;
• forevacuum;
• robust security system;
• operating and test modes approved by the Russian Ministry of Health.

Pharmstandard and DGM AND equipment is an opportunity to quickly reorganise existing or comprehensively equip new CSSD facilities according to a medical institution's request.
Sterilisation equipment for the CSSD
GE Healthcare's ultrasound equipment is an opportunity to enhance diagnostic capabilities by making routine investigations easier. The versatile ultrasound systems meet the needs of any clinical situation.

The benefits of General Electric Healthcare's primary ultrasound diagnostic systems include:
• possibility of use in obstetric, abdominal, cardiac examinations;
• unique technology for real-time recognition of tissues and borders;
• excellent penetration for clear visualisation of superficial and deep structures;
• images in two projections.

General Electric Healthcare's primary diagnostics ultrasound systems offer reliability and performance based on 30 years of innovation.
General Electric Healthcare's ultrasound equipment for primary diagnostics
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