Open neurosurgery innovations

The treatment of brain abnormalities and the level of modern craniofacial surgery require the latest approaches, solved by innovative products. Cranioplasty plates from the South Korean manufacturer Osteonic are an opportunity to perform high-tech operations in neurosurgery and maxillofacial surgery at the highest level.

The advantages of Osteonic implants for reconstructive and plastic surgeries are:
• high biocompatibility of the materials;
• no risk of infection;
• excellent plasticity and strength characteristics;
• compatibility with neuroimaging.
Spainmedics is the official distributor of Osteonic in Russia.
Osteonic Cranioplasty Plates
Medtronic's advanced MidasRex® range of micro saws offers new possibilities for high-tech operations in the fields of neurosurgery, orthopaedics, spinal surgery and cranioplasty.

Advantages of the MidasRex micro saws:
• highest precision and control (precision blades, integrated irrigation with control from a sterile area);
• ease of use (foot-operated and finger-operated oscillating, sagittal and reciprocating saws);
• power supply from the IPC console, the most popular in surgical practice.

The new MidasRex saws have been developed with the involvement of a large group of surgeons from various specialties and therefore offer the level of power with minimal vibration required in modern osteotomies.
MidasRex® micro saws
The CranioFix® quick fixation clip is the reference in neurosurgical procedures for securing bone flaps in craniotomies and trauma fragments. The special system avoids the need for any additional instrumentation and provides stability and a secure hold.

Advantages of CranioFix titanium clips:
• high degree of strength and reliability;
• ease and speed of application;
• high MRI and biocompatibility.

“SpineMedics” supplies CranioFix clips as ready-to-install kits that do not require additional instruments.
CranioFix® quick fixation clips
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