Reliable solutions and current trends in implantation

Medtronic (USA), Aesculap (Germany), ChM (Poland) thoracolumbar fixation systems. Endocarbon (RF) is modern, technologically expert solutions designed with surgical needs.
We supply:
• mono- and polyaxial transpedicular screws;
• rods for open and minimally invasive approach;
• connector rods and transverse connectors;
• cages;
• hooks.

The thoracolumbar implants supplied by «SpineMedics» are of impeccable quality and fully meet modern surgical requirements.
The endoprosthesis is designed to replace damaged or pathologically altered natural discs in degenerative-dystrophic lesions during prosthetics of pathologies of the cervical spine at the C3-C7 vertebral levels.
Restores the height and mobility of the operated segment of the intervertebral disc. Main characteristics:
  • Non-toxic biologically inert titanium alloy provides wear resistance, electrical conductivity close to tissue, no corrosion
  • Plate geometry follows the anatomic shape of the vertebral bodies
  • Bi-directional system of grooves and sulcus allows reliable stabilization of the endoprosthesis in the intervertebral space
  • Dual laser microscopic surface treatment provides secondary fixation and accelerates the process of osseointegration
  • Mobility node made of carbon steel
Dynamic Intervertebral Disc Endoprosthesis EndoCarbon
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