Dynamic Intervertebral Disc Endoprosthesis
Designed for  replacement of damaged or pathologically altered natural discs in degenerative-dystrophic lesions. It is used for implantation at levels from C3 to C7.
The endoprosthesis restores the height and functional mobility of the operated intervertebral disc segment. The design provides vertebral mobility in accordance with the natural, physiological need.
Frontal plane
Sagittal plane
The plates are made of biologically inert titanium alloy with high mechanical properties. The external geometry of the plate surfaces follows the anatomic shape of the vertebral bodies and has a bidirectional system of grooves and channels, which allows reliable stabilization of the endoprosthesis in the intervertebral space.
The outer side of the plates has a double laser microscopic surface treatment, which provides secondary fixation of the endoprosthesis and accelerates the process of osseointegration.
Use of an endoprosthesis mobility node made of monolithic isotropic pyrolytic carbon -carboncital.
Material properties
  • No toxicity and carcinogenicity
  • No corrosive properties in contact with living tissue
  • Excellent wear resistance which, according to its indices, exceeds all known analogues
  • electrical conductivity close to tissue conductivity
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